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  • Who is   We are domain name brokers representing the current owner of We are looking for a new owner who would be interested in using the name for their business email and/or web site. has been performing this service since 2001 and we have successfully transferred over 3500 domain names to new owners.

  • How long does the transfer take?   monoGLYPH will transfer the registration rights to to the first person or entity from whom we receive full payment.   Within 4 hours of receipt of payment, the domain name transfer will be complete.

  • When can I start using the domain name?   Within 4 hours of our receipt of your payment.   If we create an account at the current registrar, you can begin hosting (using the name for a web site and/or email) immediately upon receiving the user name and password to your registrar account.   These are sent to you within 4 hours of monoGLYPH receiving your payment.   If you decide to transfer the name to your own registrar, you can begin using the name as soon as it appears in your own registrar account.   This timeframe varies depending on your registrar. e.g. In our experience, GoDaddy takes approximately 4 hours whereas Network Solutions takes up to a day.

  • How does the domain transfer work?   You enter your contact information on the next page.   On the page that follows, you select a payment option - you can make a secure online credit card payment, pay via PayPal, print an invoice and mail a check, or wire funds. A "Domain Name Transfer Letter" can also be printed from the Payment Selection page.

    Once we receive payment, we will either transfer the domain name to an account set up using your contact information at the current Registrar, or you can immediately initiate a transfer of the domain name to your own Registrar.

    If we create an account for you at the current Registrar, the transfer will be complete within 4 hours of our receiving payment and you will have complete use of the domain name at that time. We will provide you with instructions for managing the domain name - including directions on how to point the name to the web and/or email hosting company of your choice. If we create an account at the current Registrar for you, the domain name must remain at the current Registrar for at least 60 days.

    If you initiate a Registrar to Registrar transfer, the domain name will be in your account at your Registrar in as long as it takes your Registrar to transfer the name, usually from as little as a few hours (GoDaddy) to 1 to 2 days (Network Solutions).

    Once the transfer to the new account is complete, will no longer be associated with the domain name. You will be free to change the access password, change contact information or name server information.

    All domain names must be renewed annually with a Registrar.   You will be responsible for the renewal fees associated with this domain name any time before the current registration expires. Renewal fees for the current Registrar are $9.99 per year, paid directly to the Registrar. Multi-year renewals (up to 9 years in advance) are available.

  • Can I transfer the domain name to my own registrar?   Yes, you can immediately transfer the domain
    name to your own registrar. Check the box on the next page to tell us NOT to create an account for you at the current registrar. After we receive payment, we will send you an Authorization Code that will allow you to transfer the name directly into your own registrar account. Upon receipt of the Authorization Code, you must log into your registrar account and request a Registrar to Registrar Transfer (it may be called something else at your registrar). A registrar transfer takes as little as a few hours (GoDaddy) to 1 to 2 days (Network Solutions). There is only one restriction that could prevent a registrar transfer. Registrars are not allowed to transfer a name to another registrar if the name has been with them for less than 60 days. Therefore, if we have had the name for less than 60 days, we will have to create an account for you at the current registrar. After waiting 60 days, you can transfer the name to your own registrar.

  • After paying for the name, how can I be sure that I will get it?   We have transferred over 3500 names
    over the past 8 years without a single problem. However, if you do not get what we say you will get, since
    we clear all credit card transactions through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card with PayPal), you can either take advantage of the PayPal 100% Buyer Protection Guarantee or you can call your credit card company and reverse the transaction. But again, in 8 years, this has never happened.  For domain names priced above $4999, you can elect to use the services of ESCROW.COM as a trusted third party at our cost.  Please request ESCROW.COM instructions at